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Little Cherubs is located inside Life Leisure Cheadle sports centre and we have everything we need to keep your little one entertained whilst you hit the gym, nip to the shops or just indulge in some much needed me time.

We have a large selection of toys, crafts and games for children aged from 6 weeks to 8 years and our highly experienced team always make sure that every child has a memorable visit.

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"Walking into the creche and seeing your smiley happy face each morning washes away the sleep deprived bags and adds a little sunshine to the day. Seeing how much care and attention you show to all the creche babies is so heart-warming and it's so easy to see that it is more than just a job to you" Sian

"You are all Wonderful" Lucy

"You're amazing and my children absolutely love the creche" Sara

"You have been an absolute godsend for me" Laura

"Thanks so much for the amazing job you do" Lou

Give us a call:
07766325851 or 07890436086

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